The Core Momentum Method (CMM)

CMM was developed by founder Tiffany Zakka, bringing together more than 12 years of experience as an occupational therapist and certified yoga instructor, and her passion for health and wellness.

Employing CMM gradually facilitates a set of comprehensive exercises that are graded according to your child's goals.  The main outcome is for a child to find their "aha" moment to want to experience, learn and feel movements outside their comfort zone with the ability to regulate and move their body in a new way. By providing the body with the right experiences and exercise movements the brain can take in the information and self-organize.

 It is not about being smart or your child playing a structured sport but about your child being strong to the core to harness their confidence for strong foundations.

 For example:

  • If your child is frustrated with handwriting and homework, more handwriting practice is not the answer.
  • If your child is running circles at soccer or needing more practice with a skilled sport, over training the skill is not the answer.
  • If your child is overly active, telling them to "sit still" is not the answer and "calm down" rarely works for longer than a second (If that!)

 In most cases, their bodies might be working harder than it needs to, to complete daily activities.  Objects won't help manage their behavior! Let us guide them to understand that what they need can be harnessed from within.  We give them support where they need it the most and provide them with the tools and tips they can hold onto.

 Through guided narratives parents can draw a picture of where their children have been, where they are, and what obstacles they have had through their development to tailor sessions to meet the child's goals.