Meet the Founder

Tiffany Zakka Making Connections & Delivering Results to harness the power within

I help children make mind-body connections to build their self-confidence and inner strength that allows them to succeed in their day to day activities.

I have extensive experience working with hundreds of children who struggle in school, are looking to improve efficient movement patterns for sports and/or struggle with sensory processing disorders, autism, ADHD, ADHD-like symptoms and other behavioral issues.

My goal is to empower children to become independent learners to release them from long term co-dependence on continuous therapies.

I have found that too often, children are working harder than they should complete everyday tasks. When the body has to exert this extra energy, it begins to compensate by creating less quality in movement; as a result, children often feel frustrated, avoid participating and shy away from socializing with friends.

Many programs that we sign our kids up for provide structured tasks. However, without the foundational movement patterns being strengthened such as core strength, primitive movement patterns and stability their bodies are working harder than they need to. Your child might appear clumsy or not want to continue in sports programs. The symptoms of behavior, not finishing their homework, having "ants in their pants" and falling behind in school are a real struggle for parents and teachers alike.

When I began to integrate wellness, strength-based movements and yoga principles into my sessions, the changes became evident. Working with children to help them master their minds and bodies, helps them realize their own potential. And when that happens, it's transformative. They are no longer feeling helpless, frustrated, isolated and alone.  They are no longer holding back rather they become more aware of themselves and how they fit in to their environment.  Only through feeling, seeing and doing can we truly discover and learn what we are capable of accomplishing.

I've witnessed the transformation. Parents and teachers have witnessed the changes in participation + work load + behavior at home + school.

Every day, I am taking the stigma out of OT and revolutionizing my approach to help children find their inner strength and sense of peace.

Occupational therapist OTR/L (registered & licensed) Core Momentum Method©  Certified in Handwriting without Tears ® Certified Buti® Yoga Instructor (ButiSculpt & HotCore)  Certified Creative Relaxation ® Additional courses to improve my skillset Asana Alphabet Yoga Gangsters outreach certification

Loves exercising, yoga, reading and healthy lifestyles