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Children to attain self-awareness, harness their innate power and discover a sense of calm.

 If you are looking to instill a sense of "I can" in your struggling child, Kidnetics can help.

 We strengthen their self-esteem, allow them to dig deep when they hit road blocks and provide them with the tools they need to cope when times get stressful. Children can use these skills to guide their overstimulated brains to more positive outlets especially as they grow into tweens and teens.

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"With the help of Kidnetics, our son went from not bearing to hold a pencil to writing legibly and with ease. Tiffany has the gift of patience and nurturing that is rare and difficult to find in many individuals And with her enduring assistance, Danny's progress will continue to advance in a positive direction."

Melissa S

"The comprehensive program Tiffany's put together for him is helping him improve while boosting his confidence. She recommends opportunities from which he or I can benefit outside the scope of her work - she makes you feel like she's thinking of you and your child 24 hours a day. She routinely checks in with me to inquire about my observations of his progress and shifts her program accordingly. She's not one to rest on her laurels."


"We are so thankful to have met Tiffany. She has helped our 4-year-old in so many ways. When we first met Tiffany, our son was very shy and closed off. He also had a really hard time with meeting new people, trying new things and transitioning from one thing to the next. It's amazing in a year the progress we have made."

Lesly O.

"I was afraid that my son's anxiety would not allow him to get the most of the therapy. Tiffany always knew how to deal with it. She truly cared about him and helped him work through it."

Monica M.

"His improvements since he started with you are really noticeable!!! He surprises me on a daily basis with new vocabulary and awesome sentences. I know it's a team effort and I am very grateful... I know it all translates into his communication and overall behavior!!Big hug!!"

Jenny R.

move your mind anywhere

how it works

The Kidnetics approach delves into children's behavior to better understand the way they experience their internal and external world and provides them with the tools they need to succeed and harness their own power. By providing the body with the right movements, the brain can take in the information and self-organize.

We strengthen their bodies and minds through slow, methodical movements that combine yoga postures, primitive reflexes, sensory based movements and animal moves that flow together with a focus on the core to work with a child from the inside out. By getting them to move outside their comfort zone, we help children reset their own behaviors.

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making connections + delivering results + harnessing the power within

Sometimes they sweat, most of the time they laugh and sometimes they say NO but by the end of the program there are begging for more. They WANT to write, they WANT to read, They WANT to play sports and they WANT to learn. Gone are the days of "I can't", "No" and frustrations.