Parent Support


Dear Parents,

If you could have one of three wishes granted to help understand WHY your child acts up when…(insert the behavior you hate the most)…

You have read all the books, you have googled and printed out ideas from Pinterest, you have honestly tried “ALL the things”, yet the behaviors continue and you can’t quite pinpoint how to get the results you want.

You are confused because you often hear that behavior could be sensory or it’s a way of communication for a child.

Let me help you…

  • Parent coaching & consultations online (zoom, facetime or skype) and in person
  • Teacher coaching & consultations (zoom, faceteme or skype) and in person
  • Kambui (fearless) WhatsApp group support: for parents, whatsapp group support for teachers
  • Workshops & webinars
    • SHIFT L.A.B. (learning about behavior)
    • Co-regulating to Self-regulation managing the mayhem of behaviors
    • We are happy to receive topic suggestions
  • Strategize your child’s behavior (what is their behavior trying to tell me, what are they trying to communicate to me)
  • Prevent the repetitive behaviors instead of constantly walking on eggshells so we can have a stronger connection, enjoy more moments, and motivate them to listen
  • Identify lagging skills that are creating dysregulation, disorganization and irresponsibility, so we can instill new skills, better execution of tasks and resolve frustration
  • Shifting mindsets to decrease negative emotional responses, avoid tantrums and calm the chaos
  • Parenting is personal, learn how to create a rhythm in your daily routine    


I’m SOOOOO in, sign me up so you can help…

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