my anxious child

What we don’t need in the midst of struggles is shame for being human_BreneBrown

Dear Mom with a child who is a battling anxiety. When your child is thinking with their right brain it’s hard for them to hear reassurances that things are O K, because their brain is already in a state of panic and their body is failing them.


Not only is their body betraying them by attacking their own body systems, but the reactions around them can also keep them in that heightened state. If this stress cycle continues between the parent and the child, it makes everyone feel out of control and out balance.  Instead of trying in that moment to solve the problem we must first find the calm within our selves to have them meet us in the middle. 


Signs you might be looking for…

  • Heightened feelings of stress/anxiety/overwhelms
  • Disconnecting from others
  • Eating too much/too little
  • Shutting down at home or school
  • Connecting with the wrong activities or crowds

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